photo 04Do you want to see how marketing can produce concrete results for your engineering firm? Win more jobs that match your skills? Be better prepared to seek funding for new services or expansions? You’ve come to the right blog.

Hi, I’m Ellen Messer. I’m the editor of this blog, which focuses on this key concept:

The technical, marketing and financial objectives of an engineering firm must be tightly integrated to ensure business success. 

I write about topics that help firms establish and maintain this integration, such as:

  • What marketing (“the touchy-feely, fluffy stuff”) can do for your engineering firm
  • Developing your website into an asset that supports your engineering and financial goals
  • Eliminating profit sinkholes in your engineering project process
  • Why client project requirements must include financial, business, AND technical objectives
  • Identifying things your firm does better than anyone else that are difficult for competitors to copy
  • Finding growing market areas with opportunities that leverage your firm’s strengths
  • Preparing materials for financial types to secure funding for new services or expansions

Aside from this blog, my primary focus is as CEO of Messer Strategies, a company I founded in 2012 to provide specialized business services to electronic engineering firms. We use our unique combination of expertise in marketing, technology and finance to assist these firms in reaching their business goals.

I’ve spent my entire career at the intersection of technology and marketing. Prior to founding Messer Strategies I worked with engineering services companies for 11 years as an individual contractor doing marketing and business development projects. The scope of the projects expanded over time as clients requested help with analyzing project profitability, writing business plans, and improving project requirements definition. During this time I developed business finance experience through my work with clients and running my own business.

Before going out on my own I worked at Nortel for 13 years as a product manager and marketing professional.

I graduated from Texas A & M University with a BBA in Marketing, specializing in product management. I went on to earn an MS in Telecommunications from Southern Methodist University.

If you see that we share common business interests I’d be pleased to connect with you on LinkedIn‎. You can email me using the simple contact form below.