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Win More Projects Matching Your Firm’s Engineering Skills with our Marketing Process

Throughout my career I have worked very closely with engineers, and have often been asked to explain to them what marketing really accomplishes for the company. Most of these engineers work in design/development, network engineering, system architecture, RF engineering or field engineering – either in companies large enough that the engineering groups do not typically interact with the Marketing department, or in firms that don’t have a Marketing department.

When I have asked engineers about their experience with marketing, the most common responses are as follows:

“I just don’t get what that touchy-feely stuff can really do for us.”


Marketing is much more than just ‘fluff;’ it can transform your engineering business.

“Marketing is the fluff. They make things look nice.”

“We worked a marketing agency when we needed brochures for a trade show.”

“I have worked with marketing people to order t-shirts and give-a-ways.”

Sound familiar?

Many engineers have told me that their interactions with marketing have been related to the production aspect of websites, brochures, trade shows and promotional items – and in many cases the business impact of the marketing activities was not obvious to the engineers.

Production and promotional items, while very important, are just a part of what marketing is about. Through this Beyond the ‘Fluff’ series of articles, I hope to offer a broader perspective on how engineering firms can use marketing to reach specific business goals. I’ll cover topics such as:

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