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Win More Projects Matching Your Firm’s Engineering Skills with our Marketing Process

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Now that Beyond the ‘Fluff’ Getting Started – Marketing in a Nutshell has given you an overview of how the entire marketing process works, the next step is to identify your firm’s key strengths.

Core Competencies – Your Key to Being “Uniquely Qualified” for Projects

In order to consistently ensure that your firm is “uniquely qualified” for engineering projects on which you are bidding, your firm must have a solid understanding of your core competencies, or key strengths. Identifying these strengths and ensuring the services you offer fully leverage your strengths will:

  • Make you more competitive since you’ll bid for projects from a position of strength
  • Enable you to more easily command the price you want as your value will be more obvious
  • Increase the success rate of your projects, satisfying clients and increasing repeat business.

FishFrom our fishing analogy in Beyond the ‘Fluff’ Getting Started – Marketing in a Nutshell: In this step you are classifying what you have to attract “fish” – Minnows? Worms? Squid?

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Win More Projects Matching Your Firm’s Engineering Skills with our Marketing Process

Marketing is basically a matching game. You have services you want to sell at a certain price, and you seek clients that want to buy services like those you offer at the price you want to charge.

Simple, right? The concept is simple; however there are many things that must come together to market successfully. Just as with engineering, there are many potential pitfalls unless you are knowledgeable and aware of possible issues. Below are some guidelines to help you efficiently and effectively find clients that are a good match for your services.

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